viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007

Native American Oral Poetry

Aztec Poetry

I polish the jade to brilliance,

I arrange the black green feathers,
I ponder the roots of the song,
I order in rank the yellow feathers,
So that a beautiful song I sing
I strike the jade continuosly
To break out light from the flower´s blossoming,
Only to honor the Lord of the Close and the Near


I choose the colors,
I mix the flowers,
In the place of beautiful new songs.
A polished jewel, a jade precious and brilliant
Of deepest green, it is made,
A spring flower prepared to perfume the heavens.
To the place of rosy flowers,
Toward there I sing my song.

I am honored, I am made glad,
Chasing the much-prized flower, the aroma of the rose in the place
of song.
So that with sweetness my heart is filled.
Wave after wave I send to buffet my heart
I inhale the perfume;
My soul becomes drunk.
I so long for the place of beauty.
The place of flowers, the place of fullfillment,
That with flowers my soul is made drunk.

Fermosísima poesía azteca que recolle The Heath Anthology of American Literature
Third Edition, Volume 1 (Houghton Mifflin Company)

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